Emergency FoodsEmergency Foods #3 Easy to Carry - Because the majority of the water is removed, these foods are much ligher and for you to carry than cans, MREs, dehydrated foods or other survival foods. Youll find it means a youngster could carry their own stache in a backpack if they needed toward. Emergency Foods Since some canned foods or survival foods may not provide the nutrition that your body needs it may great personal supplement that would provide you with physique lotion vitamins and minerals should be you heading. Emergency Foods As common history suggests, this meal is prepared for consumption in unfriendly situation where user has nothing left to consume or consumer is not in the duty to buy fresh stock of meals. It is so prepared that foods retains its taste and nutritional value of the ingredients for period of time. Generally the stocked food can last more than six numerous weeks. In other words, you wonEUR(TM)t buy a completely new stock of emergency meal before six months, if normal life doesnEUR(TM)t get disrupted.