Emergency FoodsEmergency Foods They dont die quickly, so youve to club them hard and time after time. To clean a porcupine, roll it over with a stick and cut it open from below. Be aware of the quills. You need to be rrn a position to skin it from the underside without getting stuck. After that you can cook it more than fire (they taste good, by the way). Emergency Foods We current maintain our stock of food in a kitchen pantry however are generally discussing titans expand and make a small eight by eight extension dedicated entirely to food storeroom with. When we notice that our supplies start to diminish we attempt watching the marketplace for local solution sales. We try never to buy product unless it is on transaction. Emergency Foods On the opposite hand, a person are just double up every week on non-perishable items obtain each week at the grocery store, you are storing the very food you consume anyway.