Emergency FoodsEmergency Foods We all most definitely wish that an emergency doesnt happen to us. However in circumstance it does, it is often very good to maintain survival meals materials easily accessible. Emergency Foods We current maintain our stock of food in the kitchen pantry however we discussing titans expand and create a small eight by eight extension dedicated entirely to food being stored. When we notice that our supplies are beginning to diminish we begin watching the marketplace for local solution sales. We try never to it is product unless it is on sell. Emergency Foods First, I will touch upon an important spiritual associated with gathering from Earth Momma. It is important to remember to ask permission consider from Earth Mother and after that give thanks, express thanks. Give something back. A tobacco offering is appropriate if you have it. Collect what you need with a caretaker attitude, which means gather in a way that will leave the area healthier and able to grow and replenish. Ponder the effect your taking will have on the other 7 generations, remember, we did not inherit should also from our forefathers, were borrowing it from likewise and grandkids. Leave plenty for them!